Pavement Line Striping Fort Wayne, Indiana

Asphalt Maintenance Service was established as a seal coating company in the early 1980's. Pavement marking was then and still is today a big part of our company. We are recognized as one of the best pavement marking companies in Fort Wayne, servicing commercial, industrial and residential customers.
Our Range Of Pavement Marking Services Include:
Parking Lots, Commercial and Industrial:
All parking lines, arrows, numerals, crosswalks, legends, bicycle/motorcycle zones, handicapped areas, etc.
Factory Safety Lines: We also specialize in the marking and maintaining of factory aisle lines and safety areas. We paint lines in safety yellow and white.
Schools: All playground markings, sport markings, drivers training areas, practice football fields, tennis/basketball courts, etc.
Materials: Materials used in the above areas range from acrylic oil based to waterborne paints. We can also provide removal of lines and other pavement markings using a scarifier machine.
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