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To Pave Or Repair?

Generally, the condition of the pavement determines whether or not it needs to be resurfaced and / or totally reconstructed. At Asphalt Maintenance Service, we can take care of both processes. For areas where the asphalt may be deteriorated in some areas of the lot, but not the whole lot, repairing the asphalt may be a less expensive and more prudent option. Asphalt parking lots that have not been maintained for a number of years may be too deteriorated as a whole to make repair a viable option. Obviously, if there is no existing asphalt in the driveway or parking lot, the area will need to be paved.


In new driveways and parking lots, there is generally a stone base with which to add asphalt. If there is not, the first step in a new parking lot or driveway would be to put down stone to create a suitable base for the new asphalt. After the stone base is compacted, either existing or newly installed, a layer of asphalt base is placed in the area. The asphalt base contains bigger stone, and doesn't look as attractive, but is essential to the life and health of an asphalt driveway or parking lot. This base is where the strength of the asphalt comes from. The top layer is the asphalt surface. While not as thick as the asphalt base, this crucial layer helps to give the new asphalt its beautiful appearance and support the asphalt base.
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Asphalt Repair — Asphalt Paving in Fort Wayne, IN


In areas where the asphalt surface may need resurfaced, but the base is acceptable and still strong, resurfacing may be more appropriate. During the resurfacing process, we wedge or repair the bad deteriorated areas as needed, mill along cement where it is flush with the existing asphalt to lower asphalt for the new surface, fully clean pavement, apply a liquid bonding agent (Tack Coat), then proceed to add an overlay of new surface.
The total reconstruction process normally includes removal of all asphalt material, rebuilding of drains if needed, addition of new sub base materials as needed, then new bituminous base followed by the new wearing surface.
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