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The AMS Story

In 2004, having grown tired of running in the corporate rat race, Rick and Laura Rohr decided to purchase Asphalt Maintenance Service with the intent to grow the business and make sure their employees were well taken care of. Dedicated to enhancing the image of the industry, Rick and Laura set about maintaining and growing relationships with customers begun by Tom Sherwood and adding new ones. Since then, they have grown to include 25 employees, 20 trucks, including 4 seal rigs, 15 pieces of heavy machinery equipment, and 3 crack repair machines and moved into a 16,000 square foot facility in a well-respected industrial park.
In 1980, Tom Sherwood started Asphalt Maintenance Service as the sole proprietor and sole employee in a roughly 3,000 square foot building in downtown Fort Wayne. He offered seal coating, crack filling, and striping for both commercial and residential properties. Through hard work and great customer relationships, he grew the company to include 10 employees and 4 vehicles, including 1 seal rig.
Rick and Laura's son, Brent, had grown a local landscaping business to include many pieces of equipment and the expertise that Rick and Laura believed could help grow Asphalt Maintenance Service even further. In 2010, Rick and Laura acquired Brent's business, Rohr Landscape and Excavating, and incorporated Brent and his vast knowledge into AMS. That same year, sensing that a new name could better reflect the offerings of Asphalt Maintenance Service, the company started by Brent was renamed Rohr Paving and Excavating, and they began to include paving as part of their services. Brent, Rick, Laura and the many employees of Rohr Paving and Excavating helped to grow the paving aspect of AMS into a sustainable business model, so much so that, in 2015, Rohr Paving and Excavating and Asphalt Maintenance Service merged into one company, under Asphalt Maintenance Service.
Over the next several years, as Rick and Laura look to retirement after their many years of serving the community and helping to grow the very successful business, they share in the belief that the business and relationships they worked so hard to develop and maintain are in good hands as they transition the company to 3 of their sons, Brent, Greg, and Kyle. The entire family is focused on continuing to provide the best possible customer service and the highest possible quality in all that they do. They look forward to many more years of assisting homeowners and business owners and property managers to maintain their driveways and parking lots.
AMS Staff — Asphalt Paving in Fort Wayne, IN