Crack Filling and Repair in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Crack filling is probably the single most important maintenance procedure that should be done to a sound pavement. Of the many distresses that are caused by a crack in asphalt, water infiltration is the worst in the NE Indiana region. We experience dramatic effects in the colder seasons when temperatures fall below freezing. This freeze/thaw cycle makes a crack deteriorate and enlarge; thus filling properly with a hot pour rubber will STOP this process. This process can be quoted as a standalone procedure or included with a sealcoat quote.
It is important that the cracks be thoroughly cleaned of vegetation and debris, dried if necessary using blowers and filled properly using only the best products that meet or beat government standards. Asphalt Maintenance Service provides expertise that ensures this procedure is done correctly the first time. We back that up with a one (1) year guarantee against any crack we fill from re-opening after it has been filled. The best way to determine what your property needs are is to contact one of our friendly associates for a free estimate.